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The Last Adolescence  by  Justin Fenech

The Last Adolescence by Justin Fenech
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I had been forced out of my adolescence by the cruelty of existence. But the world was being forced out of its ancient innocence by the cruelty of man.Oscar Miggiani has lost his mother in a traffic accident. Despite his father being the British High Commissioner to Malta there is nothing left for him in London. Now is the time to fulfil his mothers dream: to travel the world.But Oscar is not interested in cities and civilization.

He wants to see the world without man. He travels to the Americas, the Galapagos, Africa and India - to the worlds greatest natural parks, all for one purpose: to immerse himself in our planets staggering biodiversity before it is too late.In his travels young, hedonistic Oscar matures into a passionate conservationist. He encounters endangered animals, bewildering landscapes and inconvenient truths. All the while he traces his own history, his relationship with his parents and failed affairs. What does the future have in store for Oscar and, more disconcertingly, for our planet?

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