Chris, the Rhode Island Wonder Dog Jane M. Wyman

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Chris, the Rhode Island Wonder Dog  by  Jane M. Wyman

Chris, the Rhode Island Wonder Dog by Jane M. Wyman
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Statement by Richard W. Hubbard Since I had a close relationship to all the principals in the book, including one of the authors, Jane M. Wyman and Chriss master and mistress, George and Marion Wood, I am in a position to vouch for the accuracy of every statement, and especially to verify that every claim made about Chris was valid.

His amazing performances were so unbelievable that some people have discounted them as being impossible for a dog. Due to this fact, the authors quote many authorities who saw the dog perform and some who actually worked with the dog themselves.I myself communicated with the dog a number of times, and can affirm both the accuracy of the dogs performances and the complete honesty of both the authors and the dogs master, George Wood.

What a shame that the camcorder had not been invented in time for Chris!What did Chris do that prompted such rave reviews? He was psychic about events happening both in the present and in the future, to a degree attained by few humans. He also demonstrated an apparent intelligence that would rank him as a genius-even on the human scale.Some facts:1.

Two accomplices of Dr. Rhine at the Parapsychology Department at Duke University were sent to test Chris. One of the principal tests administered was to place a pack of twenty-five cards, thoroughly mixed, face down in front of him.

Each pack contained five crosses, five squares, five stars, five circles, and five wavy lines. A number from one to five was assigned to each symbol so that Chris could identify each card before exposure of the card. Hundreds of these tests were completed, and whereas humans registered five correct guesses per pack (expected by chance alone), Chris, even with the burden of having a number attached to each symbol, averaged between thirteen and fifteen correct out of twenty-five! On rare occasions he was known to hit all twenty-five correctly!

From hundreds of trials, the Representatives from Duke calculated there was only one chance out of over one hundred billion that such results could be achieved by chance.2. He could give the correct answer to a series of calculations administered orally. Telepathy was ruled out by the simple device of making the calculations difficult enough so that Chris could come up with the correct answer before the testers themselves!3. When a number of coins were scattered on the floor at random, he could answer questions such as How many quarters are there? and What is the total sum?4.

He carried on sensible conversations on subjects with which he was familiar, spelling out the words by using one stroke for the letter a, two for b, etc. Tiring of repeated strokes, he himself developed the method of using a slow stroke to represent ten, and quick strokes to represent units. Without using fingers, how many people would recognize 18 strokes as the letter r?Such remarkable performances from a dog certainly justify all the claims Jane Wyman and E.

Lee North made for the dog in their book, and more.

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