Evas Auge Karin Fossum

ISBN: 9783492230919

Published: 2000


367 pages


Evas Auge  by  Karin Fossum

Evas Auge by Karin Fossum
2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 367 pages | ISBN: 9783492230919 | 8.11 Mb

Karin Fossum may be listed as the Queen of crime fiction, but to me, she is the queen of the disconcerting ending. I mean, blow me away, Ms Karin. Blow. Me. Away. You did it again! Well, let me first digress.Ever since the outrageously popular series, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Scandinavian mysteries have been flooding the American marketplace.

How to parse which ones are good, mediocre, or flat out bad? Some of these mysteries preceded DRAGON in its original country, but were printed in English after the Dragon Fever, capitalizing on the notion of region. Readers are hungry for Scandinavian mysteries, and I am no exception. But, after reading some stinkers, I decided to do my homework. Norwegian Karin Fossum was a published poet before being a crime writer, which bodes well, as this is obviously a writer who cares about the power of lyricism. Her descriptive prose is subtly poetic.Karin Fossum books were not released in the US in chronological order (unfortunately), but she was here before Larsson, which alerts me that she didn’t arrive BECAUSE of Larsson.

THE INDIAN BRIDE, which was published here in 2005, demonstrated Fossum as a writer who is not just interested in the good guys catching the bad guys. It is a fascinating story that is more sociological and character-driven, one that I can comfortably recommend to my non-crime book reading friends.EVAS EYE, the first Inspector Sejer book, has finally arrived.

It has a more unorthodox approach to the series genre. Sejer doesnt come across as the main character. He is integral to the story, and the necessary moral center. But, instead of HIS categorical perspective, it is Eva, a self-contained, beautiful, but too-thin woman, who carries the book. This is brilliant, because series books that focus primarily on the crime-fighter eventually peter out, because the cop or detective either becomes a parody of him/herself or a stock-in-trade cardboard figure.

Even though I am obligated to read the Sejer series out of order, it is evident that Sejers (and Skarres) characters build gradually, and keenly. I finally get to see the genesis of Sejer, and I appreciate the light but revealing touch by Fossum.The narrative swings back and forth in time, but ever so delicately, and accessibly. Artist Eva is a divorcee with a young child, Emma. She is committed to her work, and makes her living solely on her art. Her art is best described as a style of underpainting in order to capture light, shadows, and the play of both.

She uses black and white exclusively (and some layers of grey). Often, an observer asks, “What does it mean?”While Eva is down by the river with Emma, she sees a dead and decomposing body floating in the bank among the stones. And by the way, here is the description of the river, to illustrate the power of Fossum’s prose:“The river cascaded through the countryside, splitting the cold town into two shivering gray floes.”Fossum’s descriptions go hand and hand with the characters’ tensions and fears.

The mood of the town, the atmosphere, directly correlates to that of the characters who inhabit it.Eva assures her daughter that she will call the police from the phone box nearby. But she doesn’t. That is all one needs to know. The rest of the story unfolds at a superb clip, keeping pace with the reader’s demands while creating a creeping thrill of tension and awe.The ending, as all Fossum books I have read, gnawed at me.

Some of her books are open-ended- however, if you are one who likes for major points to be revealed, you will be satisfied by the close of this book, as there aren’t a lot of loose ends. Yet, there are jaw-dropping surprises. Even with this debut novel, it is evident that Fossum is a first-class writer. And crime writer.

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